And Sew they said I do

And Sew they said I do
By Ranjani June 22, 2020

As a practice 80% of our Wedding Invites have a keepsake value. Continuing with this practice we made a sewing box invite this year Nusrat is a renowned actress, politician, model and artist & Nikhil, the owner of a prominent saree brand. The couple first met on a modelling assignment for Nikhil’s clothing brand and their story from there on was straight out of a movie

We wanted to capture the essence of their initial meeting into the invite

And Sew they said I do

Which included clothes as the Binding factor The invite contained a round box with cross-stitched embroidery frames for each event The design in each ring captured the theme and the details of the respective wedding functions The embroidery on these frames defined the core of Nikhil’s Saree business, whereas the sketches brought out Nusrat’s artist side.


The couple first met on a modelling assignment for Nikhil’s clothing brand. We decided to capture the essence of this initial meeting

‘If each life is a colorful textured fabric,

then marriage is the thread that binds 2 together.

What makes clothes beautiful, is the embroidery

that embellishes them with new fables, buttons

that hold them together through thick or thin and

crocheted patches mending the test of time’

We decided to turn this wisdom into a tangible metaphor in a light-hearted manner. The invitation and stationery reflected layers of underlying puns and cross references.

The invite contained – A  blush round sewing box with The lid foiled with the Words ‘and Sew they say I do’ to hint at their White Wedding – Scrumptious butter shortbread cookies

That were sewn to look like buttons – Gilded embroidery rings with canvas that detailed all the Wedding programs. They were decorated with leafy twines. Fragrant thread layered the box to pad its contents A crocheted band to tie it all together.

And Sew they said I do

And Sew they said I do


We believe that Invites have to be an experience that evokes emotion. With boxed invites we  like adding an edible flavor and fragrant element to tantalize the senses. We narrowed in on items that would go into the box  keeping in mind budget and aesthetics, to convey event details while retaining the subtlety of the theme The embroidery rings were the star of the box. The canvas on every ring depicted the theme of the function with Cross stitched embroidery and charcoal sketches.

Eg: Tropical Welcome lunch, Bohemian Mehendi.

The rings were sprayed with a copperish gold tone to contrast the blush pink box. And the sketches were hand drawn with a charcoal pencil and scanned.

And Sew they said I do


He said : LAce, brocade, Silk, sewn with beads and fine thread
She said : It’s beautiful but where are the buttons?
He said: Oak, transparent, vintage or new?
She said: As long as its fastens the hold between me and you

Edible button favours. (3 per box)

Buttons metaphorically hold you together through thick and thin.

And Sew they said I do

Embroidery Rings

Every fabric tells a tale through prints, textures or embellishments. We used Embroidery and charcoal sketches to convey the. Theme of the functions

For ex.

The welcome party was  tropical themed  and had an embroidered forest patch with a charcoal sketch of a flamingo.

The Mehendi was Bohemian themed and the Sangeet was a starry affair Colorful Boho embroidered prints  and a charcoal sketch of ‘Van Gogh’s starry night were clubbed in one invite as the inserts were broken down day wise.

The sunk kissed Haldi had vibrant sun flower and floral embroidery prints and for the sunset pheras  we sketched the couple’s portrait with charcoal.

The wedding function had muted embroidery work with a charcoal sketch of a white wedding.

The reception function was floral themed and had the embroidery of pale flowers that matched the box along with charcoal sketches of a rose. The logo of the couple was highlighted in this invite since this was the common invite that went to all their guests. Nusrat Jahan and Nikhil Jain had common initial that made room for a fun embroidered NJ logo.

And Sew they said I do

Fragrant Thread

The box opened with a wonderful scent that wafted from the strands of thread used for padding. Every strand of thread is unique in its own way. But together they look like they were always meant to be.


And Sew they said I do

Crocheted Band

A crocheted band with a lace blush border tied the whole invite together. Through life’s journey a crocheted band metaphorically mends the test of time.

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