Closing the Circuit

Closing the Circuit
By Ranjani July 8, 2020

He said : feels like candied electrons surging through my veins 🍭
She said : must be the flow of love 💓
He said : the veins connect to light up my eyes 💡
She said : must be the sight of me!

   Closing the Circuit

She said : I’m struck by a spark that feels like fiery embers
He said : Must be the thought of me
She said : I have little resistance to your magnetic charm
He said : Then, I would like to take you Ohm with me .
Closing the Circuit

Circuit flow Invite based on Ohm’s Wedding law with upcycled mother board chips as seals.

From the second they met their frequencies matched, there was a strong magnetic attraction and they were struck by a love current. The electrical circuit card is a working circuit diagram of the spark between Aditya and Sneha. The devil is in the details they say, and we ensured that everything about the card was a real time working concept, with a detailed ledger to understand the flow.

The function of the circuit was – ‘Turning the switch on would be activated by the guests attending the wedding and closing their circuit and sparking the Wedding festivities.’

Closing the Circuit

Every detail in the card has a strong cross reference to the wedding and couple

The cable wires decorated with respective colored flowers that framed the card denoted the wiring required for a strong marriage such as green wires/earthing cables for protection, yellow wires/grounding cables for a strong foundation, Hot wires/red wires to induce romance and blue wires/neutral cables to restore balance in a relationship. This inspired the couple so much that they had this included in their décor. The other side of the invite was a python code with a little story of their interesting meeting and an intro of both of them to introduce them to each other’s respective sides of the family.

A play on Ohm’s law and the spiritual sound Om provided a suitable start to the card.

Closing the Circuit

We chose a motherboard shade of green for the envelopes and embossed a circuit diagram foiled with lotus nodes. The envelope had a basic code to imply the couple’s names. The seals used to hold the envelope flap together was made from upcycling old motherboards and keyboards. We had IC chips, old keys, CPU sockets etc.

Requirement from Client

Aditya and Sneha are both techies. Aditya specializes in hardware technology with his masters in electrical engineering and Sneha a Python code expert. Their love for their professions spilled over into their love lives and they loved discussing codes together.

The clients loved one of our previous cards which was a Math and Physics card that also retained certain traditional elements of Bihar and Bengal. Their brief was to recreate something similar revolving around formulae, their story line and very compact. They were even okay with re using the same concept and just tweaking a few details.  But their story was too beautiful to be recycled and we insisted on creating a fresh concept for them.

We had to ensure that the idea was dual purpose, compact and not elaborate.  We also wanted to ensure that we brought in a few traditional elements into the card as it was catering to a diverse age group.

Their initial idea was to go with only an e invite but as the idea evolved they decided to print a set of 150 for close family and friends only.

Closing the Circuit

Closing the Circuit

The process involved scouring through old electrical text books and revising formulae and how to make sure it still made sense in the context of a wedding. But the end result was completely worth it!