Gender no Bar!

By Shop Manager September 28, 2017

Continuing our delusional series of ‘How Pink Whistle Man’ would make these celebrities’ Wedding stationery’, we have a fun Pictionary themed invite for Ellen and Portia.

  1. Water colour stationery with a subtle gay pride colour palette. The Pictionary set has note pads a pencil and badges to play for the teams of either bride.

2) The category card which usually consists of Object, Name, Action etc. is personalised with details of the brides, the wedding, the venue and events and actions. Every card in the pack follows this category list to give the guests a quirky insight on the brides and details of the events while having a little fun of their own.

3) What’s Ellen’s party without a little Twitch?

4) Custom Bar Signage


For all the LG Betis or Betas looking for funky wedding stationery, check out!

And tell us which celebrity you would like to see next?

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