wedding invites

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  • Wedding passport invitation

    Passport Wedding Invite

    Starting from: 220.00

    Satin Covered passports. wrapped in a gold twine and aeroplane tags. Add on boarding cards for additional events!

  • Mandeep-Anjali.png

    Pastel Beach Theme

    Starting from: 92.00

    Size – 6″x4″, Thickness – 300 gsm. The insides of the envelopes are floral printed and the names are gold foiled on the envelope. Tip” Use the Pearl gold paper for a dull diamond sheen. Also available as e invite option.

  • poker-card.jpg

    Poker Cards Invites

    Starting from: 170.00

    The colour of the text on the envelope will be in silver. Single colour will be used uniformly as they are screen printed.

  • 017.png

    Reasons to Attend our wedding

    Starting from: 82.00

    Thickness-300gsm, Dimensions- A5. The design comes along with a rough textured violet envelope. The inserts come with 2 finishes, either matt or pearl.

  • sale floral

    Royal Wedding Invitation

    Starting from: 118.00
  • 016.png

    South Indian Card

    Starting from: 145.00

    Dimensions-6″X6″ when closed and 6″X12″ when opened. Thickness-300gsm. Envelope is a 2 coloured pink and yellow envelope

  • pink2.png

    Spanish Coaster Invites

    Starting from: 200.00

    Dimensions – 4″x4″, Thickness 0.5 mm

  • Sunny-side-up

    Sunny Side Up

    Starting from: 120.00

    Size – 6″x4″, Thickness – 300 gsm.

    Minimum order quantity – 100

    Tip – Use the matte for a bright, sunny and contemporary feel.

    For the Sangeet Card, you can choose designs from the Wedding section to alter the time line depending on the requirement.

    The envelope comes with dark purple flower shaped seals to complement the card. Stamps and seals can be made on special request at no additional cost.

  • 1

    Tamilian Wedding Invite

    Starting from: 97.00

    Size – 5″x 7″, Thickness – 300 gsm.

    Minimum quantity for print – 100

    Also available as an e invite option.


  • tennis6.png

    Tennis Themed Invite

    Starting from: 50.00

    Dimensions- 8.27” x 5.83 , Thickness-300gsm, For a luminescent look, choose Pearl Gold Paper.The design comes along with a digitally printed 300gsm envelope. E-invites available on request.

  • LGBT-Card.jpg

    Two Brides One Wedding

    Starting from: 80.00

    Dimensions-6.5″X6.5″, Thickness-300gsm, The Envelopes come in 2 colours, either baby pink matt or a pastel mint green pearl depending on the insert you choose. Professional Tip-For a luminescent look, choose pearl Paper.

  • t.png

    Vintage Cassette Invite

    Starting from: 150.00

    Thickness-300gsm, Dimensions-6″x4″. Professional Tip- For a luminescent look, choose pearl gold paper. The design comes with pearl gold floral pouch with gold foiled text and a pastel green envelope with gold screen print.